Jesus Christ Image Found On Back Of Crab ... Or Is It Osama Bin Laden?

12:49 PM by Petar
When John Canfield took his family to Everett, Wash., to go crabbing last weekend, he had a vision of enjoying tasty seafood with melted butter.

Instead, he had a vision of Jesus Christ on one of his crabs.
Or, if you prefer, Osama Bin Laden.
The Canfields didn't even notice the Christ-like crustacean while it was in their presence, according to and it was only while they were watching a video of their encounter that they noticed one of the crabs had the image of Jesus Christ on its belly.
Except a lot of people who've seen the video, such as the editors of Gawker, don't think it look likes Jesus, but like notorious terrorist Osama Bin Laden?