Brazilian arrested for fake ID with Jack Nicholson photo !!!

5:54 PM by Petar
Ricardo Sergio Freire de Barros, 41, was arrested in the northeastern city of Recife and charged with using false documents and forgery, police said.

He also was carrying identification documents belonging to other persons.

A copy of the forged document (above) released by police shows a photo of Nicholson's face next to the signature of  "Joao Pedro dos Santos" and a fingerprint.

"The document with the photo of the actor and other false identification were used to start a fictitious company and with it, also open a bank account," said Erivaldo Guerra, who leads the civil police investigation. "That way, he would use the limits on the cheques and the credit cards" to steal money.

source - AFP
Police said Freire de Barros already was being investigated for fraudulent activity when he was arrested.